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January Newsletter

Renewable energy has been a very hot topic in the recent months. I have been asked multiple times if GIS has a role in renewable energy. Absolutely it does! In the blogs below, I share some tips and tricks to analyzing elevation data in ArcGIS Pro and free sources for renewable energy site planning data.

I also invite you to check out our updated website and new blog posts!

Happy Mapping,

Andy Bohnhoff

Platte River Analytics



Using Elevation in Site Plans

Elevation is an integral piece of data in not only choosing a suitable site, but also creating a site plan. Whether you are scouting a site for an oil pad, solar development or wind farm, elevation and slope will play an important part.

GIS Constraint Guide for Renewable Energy

Mapping available land for energy development is critical for land use planning efforts. An expanding urban sprawl and predicting future development is essential to promote sustainability.



Consulting and Training

Whether its migrating content from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro or assistance learning ModelBuilder, Platte River can help develop a training plan that provides business value.

Platte River also provides individual consulting or enterprise-wide consulting services. Our consulting services can range from a single project to an enterprise GIS deployment.

Interactive Mapping and Dashboard Analysis

Platte River specializes in extracting spatial and tabular data to create interactive

dashboards and mapping applications. Our goal is to help you solve important business questions by viewing existing internal data in a web based environment.

Establish a domain where data is dynamic, interactive and powerful. Make decisions in real-time with the aid of online mapping.


Thanks for being a Friend of Platte River Analytics

Please let us know if we can help you with your next GIS project!

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