Platte River Analytics was recently accepted into the ESRI Business Partner Network and looks forward to its continued partnership with ESRI and working with their GIS clients.


We add value to companies and government organizations by enriching and improving data collection, data publishing and data viewing.

Platte River Analytics specializes in extracting spatial and tabular data to create interactive dashboards and mapping applications. Our goal is to help companies solve important business questions by utilizing existing internal data.


Managing Spatial Data within a company

See how Platte River Analytics assisted a real estate company with their data and communication with a custom ArcGIS Online application.


Renewable Energy Data

Mapping available land for energy development is critical for land use planning efforts. An expanding urban sprawl and predicting future development is essential to promote sustainability. See some of the data that makes this possible.



Platte River Analytics had the privilege to present at the 2021 ESRI PUG Conference where we discussed Corporate Responsibility and EHS standards. The presentation detailed the collaborative tools within ArcGIS Online.

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