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Geospatial Strategy

A geospatial strategy is used to detail how a company or organization is going to utilize GIS in the future. The strategy includes important items like company vision, hardware, software, training and value propositions. 

An important aspect of any geospatial strategy is the geospatial roadmap. This roadmap details how a company is going to utilize GIS in the next 1-3 years and includes themes on data, software and training.


Other important questions that a geospatial strategy can help answer are:


  • How will geospatial technology benefit our stakeholders?

  • What is the scope of our GIS aspirations?

  • What is our strategy for data collaboration and sharing?

  • What type of GIS training would benefit everyone at the company?

  • What is our desired software and hardware improvements?


GIS Geospatial Strategy

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