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Consulting & Training

Platte River has over 10 years experience utilizing ESRI products such as ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online. Whether its migrating content from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro or assistance learning ModelBuilder, Platte River can help develop a training plan that provides business value.

  •    GIS Services

  •    ESRI Training

  •    Project Consulting

  •    Data Analysis

GIS Services, GIS Training
GIS Mapping

Interactive Mapping

Platte River specializes in extracting spatial and tabular data to create interactive dashboards and mapping applications. Our goal is to help you solve important business questions by viewing existing internal data in a web based environment.

Establish a domain where data is dynamic, interactive and powerful. Make decisions in real-time with the aid of online mapping.

GIS Dashboard

Visualize your spatial and tabular data using interactive maps and charts in a single screen. Visualize trends, monitor field personnel and track key performance indicators.

Interactive dashboards help organizations read and display relevant data in a flexible and configurable environment.

Dashboard Analysis

GIS Data Collection

Data Collection

Platte River can assist with implementing data collection software and standards for use in field operations. Allow field workers to easily capture data and return it to the office. Eliminate the need for paper forms by implementing custom surveys including photo capture and offline capabilities.

Market Analysis & Competitor Intelligence

Maximize the sales performance of your company while minimizing the impact of nearby stores. We provide customized market analysis reports that include valuable data such as consumer profiles, drive and walk time analysis, trade areas and demographic analysis. If you are entering a new market, quickly discover the expected number of consumers along with index data for sales, people and traffic.

Apply these reports to maximize consumer spending, understand competition, grow across markets or discover suitable locations using our site selection analysis.​

When organizations are powered by dynamic insight, risk is reduced and the satisfaction of your customers increase. Make accurate projections utilizing current and projected data.

GIS Market Analysis

Site Selection Analysis

Site Selection GIS

Identify suitable areas by location or market. Is there a particular city or geographical area that may be suitable for your next office? Are there certain market factors you are interested in such as median income and average level of education? Using these market and location factors, Platte River Analytics can return site selection results via custom reports and infographics.

The following are variables Platte River utilizes in their site selection process:

  • Demographics

  • Consumer Spending

  • Traffic Counts

  • Crime Indexes

  • Census and ACS

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