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Douglas County, CO Re-Opens

I found it interesting that this week the Colorado Tri-County Health Department decided to re-open most of Douglas County including gyms, places of worship, restaurants and Park Meadows Mall. While most of these re-openings consist of 50% or less occupancy, it still raises a lot of questions on added exposure and outsiders in the county. I thought it would be beneficial to analyze the demographics of Douglas County and visualize the areas that could be infected the most.

Utilizing Esri Business Analyst tool, I created an infographic of pertinent Douglas County demographics including at risk population, health insurance coverage, school enrollment and senior populations. The health insurance info and age/income demographics is especially helpful for a coronavirus-related graphic. Douglas County has one of the higher income per households in all of Colorado and thus, a very low poverty level.

With a daytime population of over 300k and potentially the first stores and restaurants to fully open in Colorado, it will be interesting to see if Douglas County can continue its trend of below average COVID-19 cases.

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