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2021 Summer Conferences

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Platte River Analytics is excited to have the chance to present at the summer Rocky Mountain PUG meeting and the ESRI Users Conference.

For more information on attending the Rocky Mountain PUG meeting, held June 30, 2021 add your email to the mailing list here:

The Rocky PUG is also very active on LinkedIn and will post updates to the group page.

The 2021 ESRI UC will once again be held virtually during the second week of July. The conference is free for just about all users and a detailed agenda can be found here:

Platte River Analytics will be discussing the regulatory environment in Colorado and the simplicity of ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online. The presentation will talk about the regulatory challenges of Colorado but also highlights the possibility of a single GIS analyst delivering hordes of various data and applications to multiple users and teams across their company.

Hope you can join at one of the above conferences this summer!

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