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2021 ESRI PUG Presentation

We are happy to announce a presentation at the 2021 ESRI Petroleum Users Group meeting May 4-6. The title of the presentation is "Navigating Colorado's Regulatory Environment" and will dive a little deeper into the new COGCC rule making and its effect on the oil and gas industry in Colorado.

The theme of the presentation is how a single GIS analyst can utilize the suite of ESRI tools to assist multiple teams within their company in navigating the regulatory environment of Colorado.

The demo will include scheduling model builder to update Portal layers, enabling editing on hosted layers to update in real time and how an app in AGOL can allow for collaboration between multiple teams in a company. I will also be showing important data like rig sound signatures that can help with sound wall placement and noise mitigation.

Having the sound signatures of rigs is a tool that demonstrates positive health, safety and environmental standards. Staying within compliance on sound is a big part of the new COGCC rule making and is something that every company should be addressing.

Having the needs of Colorado stakeholders in mind will also create positive social and corporate responsibility.

I will have slides and a link to the online map to post after the presentation in May. In the mean time, here is a link to sign up. Hope to see a lot of faces in the virtual crowd!

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Utilizing spatial intelligence, we assist small businesses with securing, storing and analyzing boundless amounts of data, establishing interactive maps and dashboards analysis, and extracting business insights.

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